Bed n' Biscuit...
Let your pet come spend time with our family.  We will
do our best to keep his/her routine as close to normal
as possible with regard to feeding times, sleeping
arrangements, exercise, etc.  If your pet has a favorite
blanket or toy, please bring it along!  If your dog sleeps
in a bed or a crate, bring that too.  If your dog is used to
having the run of the house, we are happy to
accommodate him/her.  Our goal is to make your pet
happy and comfortable so that you won't have to worry
while you are away.

In addition, you can keep up to date with photos,
videos, and other information on our Facebook page.  
We will also send your pup home with a personalized
treat bag! (for stays of 2 nights or more)
How Much?
$26.00 per night
Each additional dog, $6.00/night

Pickup day is FREE if picked up by 9am.
9am-7pm daycare rates apply.  After 7pm $21.

(New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day)
non-aggressive dogs
only please! (breed
restrictions apply).

Updated shots MUST
include Bordatella given
at least 2 weeks prior to
St. Louis Pet Sitters | Missouri | call or text 314. 302 . 8187
* Established 2004 *